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Chinese Cupid God

Yue Lao
The Chinese version of the cupid would be Yue Lao. Cupid to the western is a young chap who is some sort of angel that shoots love arrows. All he needs to do is to shoot his first arrow at one person followed by the second arrow at another person. The person whom had been shot by his arrow would be connected together and fall in love with each other. Yue Lao on the other hand is an old man living in the moon. He is a matchmaker as well as the god of marriages. All humans have a piece of red string. All he needs to do is to tie a knot with the red threads as one piece. Whosoever whose strings is being tied together would fall in love and come together eventually.

Yue Lao’s working platforms
Something similar to our modern day computer software whatsoever, there is some form of platform for him that allows him to have the data and information of all humans right at his finger tips, hence he has full access to everything. Just like software like windows and many others, to execute a certain action, there are many ways for doing it. There is more than just 1 way to execute that particular same action. Right up in the heavens inside the moon where he stays in, the red threads of every one of us is located there. Once he ties the threads together into as one, people will start to encounter each other, fall in love and eventually married as one.However, at times when he is not in the heavens, he would appear among us as a mortal, he could pull out the red thread in our body and tie the threads them together as one. The match making done in earth will be reflected in his database on heaven. Though he has the ability to match make anybody, he still have to follow criterions on choosing the right candidates for you.

Praying to Yue Lao
There are many names for him such as Man in the Moon (Yue Xia Lao Ren) and Yue Lao Xing Jun. He has two assistant, Hong Luan Xing Jun (紅鸞星君) and Tian Xi Xing Jun (天喜星君). The best time to offer prayers to him is on his birthday, which is on Mid Autumn festival (15th day of the 8th month on Chinese calendar). However, if praying to Yue Lao on his birthday is not possible for you, you can still pray to him whenever they are a full moon. Below is a Chinese mantra for praying to Yue Lau.


Well, this is my english translation;
Report to Match making God of Marriages
From the heart sincerely, gathering under the moon,
thinking deep under the tree
Marriages are fixed!
For whom that is in charge of marriages of everyone
Connecting destiny of everyone regardless of distant
With benevolence
For those who love each other will be together
Connected as one by the thread
No escape from 3 re carnations of destiny and fate
We stick together
Journeying through all obstacles
May we ripped till old age and forever
Beyond love and hate
Oh great supreme and benevolent, oh great compassionate and forgiving one
Among all realms under the universe
The dearest matching making god of marriages.
Will bring us together by marriage! For us together,
let us show him our respects!

Red Threads
The red threads are also known as the ‘red thread of destiny’ or the ‘red thread of fate’. There are similar versions pertaining to this ‘red thread’ by the Japanese, which originated from China.

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break."

People who are connected by the threads are fated to be lovers, regardless of time, place, and circumstances. This invisible magical thread may stretch or tangle but will never ever break. The concept of this myth is very similar to the western's version of soul mates or twin flames.

Remembering Yue Lao
Yue Lao is a very popular god that many people in the past would offer their prayers. It is especially popular among the parents and grandparents to pray for their children’s marriage. Many people would also pray to him on every mid-autumn festival especially lovers and ladies of the ancient days. However, in the present day, many forget him. We have perhaps forgotten to thank him for his kind and well wishes.

Andy Lau in fact has ever sung a song about Yue Lao. It is a very nice and touching song to hear.


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