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Chinese God Series - The Monkey God

Chinese Monkey God - Sun Wu Kong

Sun Wu Kong or the Monkey God is the most popular deity of the Chinese. He accompanies Xuan Zang as a disciple to retrieve the Buddhist sutras to China from India. Sun Wu Kong has the all the abilities that most demons have. He is a skillful fighter able to lift his 8 tones Jingu Bang (Golden Clasped Staff) with ease. Sun can also shape shift into 72 different creatures including human. Each of his hair could transform into a clone of the monkey himself and he has more hairs then any human does.

Birth and Early Life
Sun Wu Kong was born in primal chaos from a stone on Hua Guo Shan (Mountain of Fruits and Flowers) as a monkey. Later he joins a bunch of monkeys and became their leaders. He was enjoying his life as the Mei Hou Wang (The Handsome Monkey King) letting each day to pass blissfully. One day, Sun witness the passing away of an elderly monkey, this had prompted him to seek the answer to immortality. Sun Wu Kong leaves his kingdom and travels into the land of the humans. The monkey finally found a Taoist priest who accepted him as a disciple. Sun Wu Kong soon became the most favored disciplines in the temple. This was when he acquires most of his magical abilities. However, he was expelled from the temple one day as he mocks at other disciples. The monkey returned to Hua Kuo Shan and became one of the most powerful demons in the world. Sun Wu Kong soon turns his attention toward the heaven wanting to rank among the high ranking deities. In his pursue to attain immortality and a gaining a high post in the heaven; he has caused many damaged to the other realms of the world.

The Monkey create Havoc in the Ocean
The Jingu Bang was most guarded treasure underwater and is believed to stabilize the currents and tides of the ocean. Sun heard rumors about the Ruyi Jingu Bang and he travelled into the oceans in search of the relic. Ao Guang (Dragon King of the Eastern Sea) and the other dragon kings engaged in a fierce battle with Sun to defend the relic but the monkey destroyed the palace of the dragons and removes the Jingu Bang from them. Sun returned to Hua Guo Shan with his new found weapon.Monkey God Creating Havoc in

HeavenThe Monkey create Havoc in Hell
The day has come where Yan Luo Wang (King of Hade) summoned his officers to collect the soul of Sun Wu Kong. Yan Luo Wang knew that the monkey was bold and powerful so he instructed his officers to trick him into hell. The officers bought Sun Wu Kong to the imperial court of hade for his trials. The monkey was charged with many crimes and was sentenced to punishment accordingly. Sun Wu Kong was confused and did not want to accept the punishment; he started to destroy the interiors of the court. Yan Luo Wang witnesses the might and capability of the monkey, and tried to seek out peace with Sun by reasoning. Yan Luo Wang show the records to the monkey based on the book of death with Sun Wu Kong’s name marked as deceased. Yan Luo Wang insisted that it will be unfair to others and Sun have to accept the punishment. Sun Wu Kong snatched the book from Yan Luo Wang and tore the page away. He also scribbles and overwrites the content, destroying half section of the book. Sun Wu Kong wreckage the court and return to Hua Guo Shan. Thanks to Sun Wu Kong, there was no death in earth for a few years as the officials in hade were busy sorting out the mess.The Monkey create Havoc in Heaven

The Monkey create Havoc in Heaven
Ao Guang and Yan Luo Wang write emails to Yu Wang (The Jade Emperor) in heaven to complaint about Sun Wu Kong. Yu Wang summoned Sun Wu Kong to the heaven for another trial. Sun Wu Kong requested for a high ranking position in the heaven as the Great Sage. Yu Wang realizes Sun’s ability thus granted the monkey a title as the Pi Ma Wen (Stable Guard) to look after the welfare of the horses. The monkey was very pleased to earn a position in heaven. He proudly performed his duties until he found out that Bi Ma Wen was a position of the lowest rank. He was excluded from all celestial meetings and all the other gods were laughing at him. The enraged monkey creates havoc in heaven, stealing and eating the peaches of immortality and the immortality pills prepared by Lao Zi. Sun returned to Hua Guo Shan again.

Yu Wang sent his armies in pursued of this monkey but was dispelled by Sun Wu Kong, the hair clones and his horde of monkeys’ armies. Sun Wu Kong defeated and drives away many heavenly generals including the famous Er Lang Shen, Ne Zha and The Four Heavenly Kings. Sun Wu Kong was finally subdued and brought back to heaven by the higher primordial deities, Lao Zi and Guan Yin. The Jade Emperor sentenced the monkey to be executed but the magical power of Sun was too strong. Failing to execute Sun Wu Kong, Yu Wang locked Sun in a burning cauldron with the severe samadhi fires guarded by Lao Zi. The fire was not strong enough to cremate Sun Wu Kong, and after 49 days, the cauldron exploded. The samadhi fire makes Sun Wu Kong even stronger with a new ability Huo Yan Jin Jing (Fire Eye Red Red) to recognize evil in any form. Sun jumped out of the cauldron and disrupted the heaven again.Yu Wang and his official were exhausted dealing with the monkey. Finally Yu Wang seeks the aids of Buddha. The Buddha made a bet with Sun Wu Kong that Sun could not escape from the palm of his hand. Sun Wu Kong knew that he could travel for 50 kilometers in a single leap so he smugly agreed. He jumped onto the palm of Buddha and attempted to escape. After every leap, all Sun can see was the five fingers of Buddha. Sun started to urinate at Buddha’s finger to mark his trail. Sun Wu Kong repetitive attempted failed to escape the palm of Buddha. The palm of Buddha transformed into a mountain, pressing down Sun Wu Kong to the earth. The mountain was sealed with a talisman and became the prison of Sun Wu Kong for the next 500 years.The Release and Promotion of the Monkey

Bodhisattva Guan Yin arranged for the release of Sun Wu Kong on the conditions, that Sun Wu Kong will be the body guard for Xuan Zang during his journey from China to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures. The other condition is that Sun has to study and practice the teachings of Buddhism under Xuan Zang. Guan yin also gave Sun Wu Kong a headband that is un-removable after wearing it. If Wu Kong is mischievous, Xuan Zang can chant a mantra, and the headband of Wu Kong will shrink, causing tremendous pain to the bearer. The headband can only be loosened by Xuan Zang. The duo set off for journey and was later joined by Zhu Ba Jie (Pigsy Zhu), Sha Wu Jin (Sandy Sha) and Yu Long (Horsy Dragon Yu). The journey faced a lot of obstacles as Xuan Zang was a Tripitaka, and eating the meat of a Tripitaka could gain immortality. This lured many demonic hordes to attacked Xuan Zang and his party. Xuan Zang and his party had succeeded in bringing back the scriptures from India. All the members of Xuan Zang’s party were promoted and offered a job in heaven. The headband on Sun Wu Kong’s head was removed and he was promoted to the Great Sage (In Charge of all Earthly Affairs).


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